Pet Resources

The team at Roseway Veterinary Hospital is happy to provide resources to keep your pet happy and healthy where it matters most – at home. We believe healthy pets begin at home, so we strongly encourage owners to remain educated about caring for their cats and dogs.

Nutrition & Health

Grain-Free Food & Why It’s Not What They Think!

AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials)

Veterinary Oral Health Council

Dental Health – Clean Teeth = More than just Fresh Breath!

Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct

Hill’s to Home Delivery




OHS behavior site

Muzzle Up! Project

How to help get cats in a carrier/transfer to vet


SQ fluid administration how-to video

Ear cleaning how-to video

What does Fear-Free mean?

What does AAHA accredited mean?

Be Prepared! Helpful Disaster Safety Tips for Pet Owners


Paw Team

Does my pet need insurance? Pet Insurance Info

Pet Loss – Colorado State University

Pet Loss – The Ohio State University

Rescues, Adoption, Re-Homing

Pacific Pug Rescue

Felines First

Oregon Humane Society

Cat Adoption Team

Multnomah County Animal Services