Coronavirus Updates: What Has Changed at the Hospital

Coronavirus Updates: What Has Changed at the Hospital

  • Coronavirus Updates - Roseway Veterinary Hospital

Our Hospital is Open With Precautions in Place to Keep You & Your Pets Safe


Updated March 30, 2020

With the rising threat of COVID-19 and recent mandates to restrict crowd interaction, we will continue with our temporary policy to restrict clients from gathering in our lobby. At this time, our hospital remains open and is operating under regular business hours, but with restrictions.

We are still requiring that all pets be picked up at the curb for their appointments and client interactions with our staff will take place via telephone, email or curbside.


Curbside Pick-Up For Appointments

Please call us at (503) 360-9695 when you arrive and a member of our team will meet you curbside to pick-up your pet and go through the check-in process. Our team will then take your pet inside for their scheduled appointment. We ask that all clients wait in their cars during their pet’s appointment (rare exceptions may be made, such as for patient euthanasia). Please be sure that all pets are on a leash or in a secure carrier. 
In response to the recent and ever-changing recommendations regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering the following options for the care of your pet:

After transferring your pet to our team,

Your Roseway veterinarian will perform a regular exam with your pet and call you with a treatment plan for any suggested services. You will have the opportunity to discuss treatment recommendations with your veterinarian over the phone before approving any services.

We can take payment over the phone after your pet’s services are completed.

We will contact you by phone to let you know your pet is ready for pick-up. Our staff will again meet you curbside to hand off your pet.


Curbside Pick-Up of Food and Medications

If your pet relies on medications or prescriptions diets, we recommend ensuring that you have enough supply to last through at least one month of a possible home quarantine situation. Please call us at (503) 360-9695 to place an order from the hospital or order directly through our convenient online pharmacy. Note that it may take us up to a week to obtain large quantities of food or certain medications, so please plan ahead. We will have you pay over the phone and will bring your receipt and products directly to your car.

These are uncertain times for everyone, but please remember that pets are not immune to injuries, parasites, and other communicable diseases during this time. Be sure to continue to keep your pets up-to-date on monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention to help keep them safe and healthy. Unless necessary, we are avoiding vaccinating healthy adults with previous vaccination history. With this in mind (and the need for social distancing anyway), it may be best to social distance your dog as well in the short term.

Know that we are here to serve our community and to ensure that your animal companions continue to receive the care they need. As you know, pets are wonderful stress-relievers and we want to make sure we do all we can to make sure they stay happy and healthy during these challenging times.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (503) 360-9695 if you have questions or need assistance for your pet in any way. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we navigate through this new process together.

Stay safe and stay well, 
Dr. Davis, Dr. Voorhees and the Team at Roseway Veterinary Hospital

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