Marijuana Poisoning In Pets

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You’ve probably heard about marijuana-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products as a cure or aid for many conditions in both humans and pets, and we get lots of questions about them at our hospital. However, it’s important to know that as of right now, there has been only limited testing behind how these products can affect animals, and the oils and edibles made for humans should be used with extreme caution. We are watching for evidence-based efficacy and safety results in current testing and will keep you updated as this new field develops.

While CBD itself contains none of the intoxicating properties of the more famous chemical THC, many CBD-advertised edibles still contain THC, which is highly toxic to pets. We’ve seen cases of marijuana toxicity at the hospital and symptoms vary, but may include lethargy, stumbling, incontinence, abnormal heart rate and even seizures.

To prevent marijuana poisoning in your pets, keep all marijuana products locked away so your pets cannot access them. It is especially important to keep pets away from edibles, like brownies, as these can cause chocolate poisoning as well.

Before using any of these cannabis-derived products on animals, we strongly suggest consulting Dr. Davis about what is best for your pet. You can schedule an appointment online  or call us at 503-446-2450.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]