The Safest Treats to Give Your Pet

The Safest Treats to Give Your Pet

As anyone with a ruined pair of shoes will tell you, dogs love to chew. It’s an instinct—but so many products out there are not only unsafe but can be really unhealthy for your pet.

Chewing is actually good for pets as it relieves boredom and can also help improve dental health.

Here are some recommendations from our vets when it comes to chewy/crunchy treats:

As a rule, if the chew is too hard for you to put a dent in with your fingernail—such as a deer antler or femur bone—it’s too hard for your pet and may damage their teeth and gums.

Rawhide should be given under supervision ONLY. If you have an aggressive chewer, try enzymatic rawhide which will allow large chunks that are swallowed to be digested easily.

Use caution with table scraps and beware of low-end pet store treats. The ingredients may be low-quality or contain the artificial sweetener xylitol, which is toxic to dogs and cats.

Cooked or raw vegetables are also good treats – especially raw baby carrots.

We also offer a variety of safe and effective treats and chews at our hospital or via our online pharmacy. They include:

• Dental Chewz from Purina
• Dental Snackers from Purina
• Lean Treats for dogs and cats
• Feline Greenies

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 503-446-2450 if you have questions about treats and chews for your pet!