Prepare Your Pet for Boarding


If you’re going to need a place to park your pet over the holidays, NOW is the time to call us about getting them ready! You’ll need to make sure your pet is current on vaccinations and parasite prevention for them to stay at any reputable facility.

In addition to the core vaccines, we also highly recommend the canine influenza (CIV) vaccine for any pet staying at a boarding facility. An outbreak of CIV at the Oregon Humane Society this summer shows how important it is that pets be protected in such environments, as this virus is very contagious.

Keep in mind that the CIV vaccine requires a booster to be administered 2-4 weeks after the first shot is given, and your pet will need the full series to be protected.

Don’t be caught unprepared this holiday! Call us now to get your pet ready for boarding: 503-446-2450[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]