Lasering In On Your Pet’s Health

Lasering In On Your Pet’s Health

Making sure your pet has the benefit of the latest technology is important to us at Roseway Veterinary Hospital. One of the better advancements when it comes to veterinary medicine is the surgical laser.

Our veterinarians use an Aesculight CO2 Laser to make incisions for most surgeries, and there are many good reasons why:

Minimized bleeding: The laser beam seals blood vessels as it cuts, allowing for procedures that wouldn’t be possible using a scalpel. Using the surgical laser, we can remove tumors and lesions inside small cavities such as the throat and nose, as well as perform types of eye surgery.

Less anesthesia: Surgical lasers tend to shorten the time it takes to complete procedures, which means less time under anesthesia for pets.

Less pain: In addition to sealing blood vessels, the surgical laser also seals nerve endings and lymphatics as it cuts, which makes for less post-op pain and swelling.

Infection risk is reduced: Surgical lasers sanitize the site, destroying bacteria—and because the laser does not actually touch the tissue during surgery, the risk of infection is decreased even more.

Faster recovery time: Because there’s a reduced risk of infection, less bleeding, swelling and pain, recovery time is shortened.

If you have questions about surgical lasers or your pet is scheduled for surgery and you want to know more, call us at 503-446-2450.