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It’s Cold & Flu Season for Your Dog, Too!

It’s Cold & Flu Season for Your Dog, Too!

You’re probably aware that dogs can get cold-like viruses and bacterial infections and that it’s common practice to give them Bordetella vaccines to help prevent some of these illnesses. But did you know that there are two strains of canine influenza and that it’s just as important that your dog be vaccinated for those as well?

Vaccinating your pooch against canine influenza is always a good idea, but it’s particularly important if you’re taking your best friend to daycare, pet stores, boarding or grooming facilities, or other doggy gathering places, especially indoor ones. If you notice dogs coughing in these spaces, consider leaving and coming back another time. The organisms causing diseases like Bordetella and canine flu are airborne, so it’s easy for dogs to pass them on. Even the cleanest kennels can’t always prevent an outbreak.

Symptoms of canine flu include runny nose, fever, lack of energy and appetite, cough, and eye discharge. Many dogs infected with canine flu will be asymptomatic. In general, the condition is not life-threatening, but serious complications can occur (such as pneumonia), particularly in dogs with underlying health issues.

At Roseway Veterinary Hospital, we offer the bivalent flu vaccine, which protects against the two known virus influenza strains that impact dogs: H3N2 and H3N8. One shot, double immunity. In other words, a win-win.

No one can prevent all cold and flu infections, but by being careful and considerate, we can reduce exposure. If you’d like to update your pet’s vaccines or have questions about canine colds and flu, get in touch with us at 503-446-2450.