Intestinal Parasite Protection

Spring Parasite Prevention

Even though April is set aside just for heartworm awareness, we don’t want to forget about any of the other parasites that commonly cause infections in pets, and potentially in people as well.

Trifexis and  Interceptor Plus also protect your dog against other worm parasites, which include:

  • Roundworm – The most common of intestinal parasitic worms, which can cause pneumonia and intestinal obstruction.
  • Hookworm – Often found in dirt where infected animals have been, these will remain in the skin and result in an irritating skin condition.
  • Whipworms – Long lasting and difficult to detect, these can often cause significant damage to the gut.
  • Tapeworms – Caused by ingesting infected animals, tapeworms will make a home in their new host’s intestine (treated by Interceptor Plus only).

There are also non-worm parasites we test for that require other prescription treatments. They include:

  • Giardia – As the most common intestinal parasite in humans, this protozoan is mostly waterborne and causes terrible diarrhea.
  • Coccidia – While spread by feces, this will mainly cause diarrhea, but it can also damage the lining of the intestinal tract.
  • Toxoplasma – While cats are considered their primary host, this parasite is transmitted through raw meat and unwashed produce and can affect any warm-blooded animal, potentially resulting in neurological symptoms, fever and paralysis, among other symptoms.

If you would like to know more about any of these parasites or think your pet may be experiencing symptoms, feel free to give us a call at 503-446-2450.

The Dangers of Purchasing Medications Online

We know it is much easier to prevent parasite infection than it is to fight it once it has ravaged the body.The best part of knowing about these parasites is that you can buy the proper preventative medication for your pet. It is important, however, not to use just any medication. Many medications purchased online are not legitimate in that they may not be properly labeled or safe and may be from questionable sources. You CAN be sure that the brands and products veterinary hospitals sell are trusted and have come from a legitimate source. Here at Roseway, these products can even be purchased remotely through our trusted online pharmacy partner, Vetsource, and delivered right to your door.