Does Your Pet Need to Lighten Up?

Just like people, overweight pets have a higher risk of developing diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain forms of cancer.

More concerning is the fact that a new study from the University of Liverpool has shown that overweight dogs are likely to live 2½ years less on average than dogs with a healthy body weight.

While increasing exercise and activity will help, weight loss for pets is mostly about diet. How much and how often are important, as is the caloric content of the food. We use and recommend Purina Pro Plan OM weight management pet foods and also offer online ordering and home delivery through our website.

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Be sure your pet is current on their annual exam, as Purina OM does require a prescription from your veterinarian. And as always, if you have questions about helping your pet shed pounds or need to make an appointment, we’re here to help! Call us at 503-446-2450.