Meet Our Team

Delaney Davis

Delaney Davis is a certified veterinary technician and the practice manager for Roseway Veterinary Hospital. Delaney received her degree in organismal biology from Portland State University and has 13 years of veterinary experience.

Delaney is a Fear-Free Certified veterinary professional which means she has passed a comprehensive training and certification program focused on delivering care to ensure the best physical and emotional well-being of her patients.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, running and cycling.

Jessica Swanson

Jessica is Roseway Veterinary Hospital’s first receptionist! She is an animal lover with four years of prior experience as a veterinary receptionist, as well as nearly two years as a dog walker and pet sitter. In addition to her experience in client service, Jessica is also a Fear Free Certified veterinary professional.

Jessica has several pets of her own, including two cats, a shih-tzu and a sand boa. She grew up on a farm and finds it important to give animals a voice. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, hiking, reading and playing with her dog. She is looking forward to developing lasting bonds with Roseway’s clients and patients.

Leah Brown

Leah is Roseway Vet’s first veterinary technician. She’s kind of weird and shy and silly and really loves dogs. Her boyfriend thinks she probably has too many of them, but she’s okay with that. She also really loves running (every day!), and competes regularly. She practices yoga and sometimes bicycling – but racing bikes isn’t as much fun as running.

She came from an orchard in the Midwest but has been living in and enjoying Portland since 2010. Leah has been in the vet field for seven years with a background in shelter medicine and art – what a combination!

She lives in the Roseway neighborhood and can be found most mornings chasing cats and squirrels with That Luke Dog of hers.

Kelsie Parker

Kelsie Parker

Kelsie is Roseway Veterinary Hospital’s Kennel Attendant and Assistant. She has extensive experience working with a variety of animals including dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, and rodents and has two dogs of her own. She has been involved with the 4-H Dog Project in Clark County for nine years, both as a member and a leader. She also has prior experience working in a busy dog and cat kennel during the holiday season.

Kelsie is patient, hardworking and honest and prioritizes animal safety and comfort at all times. As a 4-H leader, she has been strong in educating members on care, health and behavior of dogs, as well as leading youth in training their dogs in a variety of disciplines.

Kelsie is taking a brief leave of absence to focus on her veterinary technician studies, but you will see her back soon!

Trillium Freden

Trillium is Roseway’s newest Veterinary Assistant. She grew up around and cared for animals all her life. Most recently, she has volunteered at an animal shelter and worked as a dog walker and sitter. She has always had a deep love for animals and a passion to give care.

Trillium believes animals deserve the utmost respect from humans and is looking forward to studying to become a vet technician once she is accepted into PCC’s technician program. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, traveling and spending time with her kitty, Archer.

She is so excited for the opportunity to work professionally with sweet pets and their owners in our community!

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